About us

About us

Welcome to TECHJET

We are the Polish leader in supplying professional waterjet cutting machines.

Best product guaranteed

We offer our customers waterjets under our own brand, which stands for reliability, precision, advanced technology and an attractive price. It is due to the independence from other companies that we are able to cooperate with the world’s best technology providers in order to supply the best possible waterjet cutting machines.

Complete business package

Our company was the first to introduce to the Polish market a complete business package consisting of proven solutions developed by the best brands within the waterjet cutting technology industry. This is how a unique, precise and reliable waterjet, at an affordable price for every entrepreneur, is brought to life. This is how we implement our mission, which involves popularization of the waterjet cutting technology and its industrial use in Poland.

Trust which pays off

Several dozens of Polish entrepreneurs have already put trust in the TECHJET brand. It is the best proof that TECHJET waterjet cutting machines are capable of performing any tasks entrusted by Polish entrepreneurs. Our waterjets operate in the most demanding environment as well as the largest and the most challenging manufacturing industries. Our machines have been tested and proven. They are characterized by reliability and amazing precision of cutting all sorts of materials. At the same time being cost-effective and easy to use. We also provide professional waterjet cutting services. Our company has executed hundreds of complex projects which allowed us to gain practical experience within the use of professional waterjet cutting technology.

We continuously support our clients

We ensure our clients with professional and quick service of waterjet cutting machines. We have a waterjet spare parts warehouse at our disposal so that our service is not only efficient, but also exceptionally fast. We feel obliged to closely cooperate with companies that have bought our waterjets. This means that we also support our clients through consulting the implementation of waterjet cutting technology on the service suppliers and manufacturers market.

Visit us at our office and get to know our waterjets!