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Service and support

Service and support

Quick response

You can always expect our support and quick actions from our professional service. We make best efforts to immediately respond to all customer enquiries, and if necessary our technician is able to visit you within 24h.

Service Manager

Radosław Kardasiński
Phone:+48 58 698 23 33

Servicing training

We offer a basic waterjet servicing training. Servicing of machinery may be performed outside the company premises. The training does not involve loss of warranty, even if you decide to service the waterjet on your own.

Warranty and service –
you are not alone after the purchase

Cooperation with TECHJET does not end with waterjet purchase. This is where it begins. You will be covered by a complex care provided by our company, which ensures a machine operation training for you and your staff, 24h service and a marketing support for your business based on a TECHJET waterjet.


We guarantee operation reliability. Our experience enables us to propose only the best and proven solutions. This is confirmed by several dozens of satisfied entrepreneurs that own TECHJET waterjets.

By buying a TECHJET waterjet you also receive from our company a guarantee of the highest quality.