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Stone, glass and ceramics

Stone, glass and ceramics

The abrasive waterjet cutting technology allows cutting natural stones such as marble, granite or sandstone. The technology is implemented in all kinds of business branches – starting from masonry and ending with decorative elements (inserts, rosettes, mosaic).

Moreover, WATERJETS are perfect for machining glass surfaces, no matter whether it is standard glass, coated glass or bulletproof glass. Glass is a very specific material, which is usually difficult to process. Despite the high structural strength, glass surfaces are relatively vulnerable to scratches and breaking. Therefore, the best method for machining the surfaces in question is using the WATERJET technology, which ensures the cutting safety and processing at the highest level.

Finally, WATERJET type machines allow delicate and precise cutting of ceramic surfaces, glaze and stoneware while leaving the materials without any external defects, meaning scratches or irregular edges.

The basic parameters of all the above-mentioned materials, including their strength remain unaffected, and the machined elements may be used according to their intended purpose, without any loss in quality.