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We are the leader in supplying Waterjet cutters

Our waterjet cutters are available in many configurations, including work tables of various dimensions, customized to suit the requirements of each industry, production type or service. We have a well equipped waterjet cutter spare parts warehouse. We also offer a warranty and post-warranty service of waterjet cutting machines.

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Waterjet allows precise cutting of any flat shapes out of various materials up to 300 mm of thickness as well as edge bevelling. Additionally, the recently implemented 3D cutting solution allows designing and machining complex lumps. Waterjet cutter by TECHJET is a good investment, which is confirmed by many satisfied clients.

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Why a single-arm waterjet cutter?

TECHJET waterjet cutters’ design may be traditional, meaning involving a gantry design or a single-arm design with counterbalance. Both solutions are reliable and ensure precision. However, a single-arm design is much more popular among our customers due to being practical while loading materials as it allows approaching the table from three sides.

Body casting technology

Due to its rigidity and longevity the single-piece body casting guarantees an exceptional cutting precision for many years.

The seasoned casting maintains its geometry in the longterm and acts as a vibration damper, which is impossible for welded structures.

Easy to operate and program

Preparing materials for cutting has never been so quick and easy. Just load the drawing, choose the preferred cutting quality, material type and thickness and the programme will automatically prepare the cutting process.

Even without previous experience anyone will be able cut precise details using a TECHJET waterjet cutter after a short training.

Dependable industrial computer

The computer that controls the machine is an industrial unit based on a safe and reliable Unix system.
It has been designed specifically to handle difficult working environment during abrasive waterjet cutting.

Increased resistance to dust, moisture, voltage fluctuations or vibrations guarantee better reliability and continuous operation when required.

Automatic II level nesting

This is a standard software feature of our waterjet cutters. A TECHJET software computer equipped in such feature is able to determine cutting patterns so that every inch of material is used.

Cutting the entire material will generate additional profits.

Separate work table safety

Work table separated from the machine ensures safety, precision and manufacturing convenience. There is no risk that the forklift used for loading the material for cutting will damage the waterjet.

Loading heavy and difficult to handle materials onto the table will not be a challenge anymore. The mechatronics of your machine is always safe.

The separate work table ensures more profit by completing lucrative orders related to cutting thick materials from which your competitors refrain.

Economical and efficient pumps

Economical, efficient, reliable and easy to maintain pumps of 40 to 100 mechanical horse power and a maximum pressure between 3800 and 6200 bars allow economical machining of any details up to 30 cm of thickness.

The pumps are designed to operate 24/7 which allows expanding the manufacturing capacity and earning more money at any time.

Quick valuation

Our easy-to-use software allows a quick valuation of the batch planned to manufacture. This means that you will be able to submit a detailed cutting service pricelist to your client and assess the costs of manufacturing within seconds.

You will save a lot of time and perform evaluations much faster than your competitors.

Original components

Components are the heart of any machine and we really have something to boast of. High-precision ball screws, linear guides, servomotors, control panels and electrical components are produced by top manufacturers.

This ensures precision in cutting elements and reliability for many years.

Angular cutting

The standard features of TECHJET waterjet cutters include a tilting head. This way your waterjet cutting machine can easily perform angular cutting.

For instance, this feature is useful when cutting tiles, which is always profitable for companies owning waterjet cutters.

Warranty and service

You are not alone after the purchase.

Buying a waterjet cutter ensures the support of our technical service and TECHJET care. We ensure a comprehensive service support on site, in Poland. Our experts are always at your disposal. We guarantee a timely response to your request and a professional assistance at your company.

We also organize a several-stage training for waterjet cutter operators at all levels. Our company provides a warranty for TECHJET products.